Small Gift Tin (4 Cookies) - Bens Cookies US
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Small Gift Tin
(4 Cookies)



Choose 4 Cookies

Double Chocolate Chunk

A favourite among logical thinkers. Not as extravagant as the triple chocolate, but still more chocolatey than milk chocolate chunk. A lot of thought has gone into this.

Dark Chocolate & Nuts

A sophisticated cookie for sophisticated people. Perfect for late night conversations, bearded academics and lovers of red wine. For French cinema, Italian opera and Danish television dramas.

Milk Chocolate & Praline

A deep thinker, a philosopher and a poet. He paints, sculpts and stares longingly at the stars. He may not be the most macho cookie but the ladies still melt for him.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice! New on the menu and a US exclusive, are you ready to take a bite?

Triple Chocolate Chunk

This rich cookie has a lifestyle to match his flavour. Passions include driving fast cars, flying private jets and chocolate, of course.

White Chocolate & Macadamia

Not everyone in the prestigious white chocolate family acts like they’re royalty. This cookie is a down-to-earth character with a nutty sense of humour - the pranks played on his sister White Chocolate are legendary.

Vegan Classic

Joined the dream team and baked to a vegan recipe.

Milk Chocolate & Orange

This cookie will fill your head with warm sunny afternoons and the distant strumming of a Spanish guitar. If you close your eyes, you can consider that a very small holiday.

Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter

This confident cookie has been likened to John Travolta in 'Grease'. He's hunky, chocolate-chunky and has many a multiplyin' move. Want me to tell you more?